Set the IP-Adress of the IOL-Master with the Configurationtool

Download a Configurationtool from IFM

Software-Download Konfigurationstool - ifm

We recomend the Ethernet Configurationtool (Hilscher)

  1. Search Device

  2. Configure the IP-Adress and Device Name

Open the WebInterface and Check the Firmware

please check if the Firmware version is at least _v2xxxx

If not, please update the firmware with the latest version (go to manufacture page)

You can download the firmware to IOL-Master with the http://<IP-Adress>/update/

Connect the IOL-Master to the SICON.OS OT-Port

Please check that the IOL-Master and SICON.OS OT-Port are in the same network.

Please check that the Adapter for IFM IOL-Master StandardLine is installed

Go to your SICON.OS Device Management and add the Device via Catalog or as preregistered Device