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Network Architecture

THE SICON.OS Edge Software is the connection between the Shopfloor [OT] and the Office [IT].

There are 2 different types of use:

1. Strict separation between IT and OT network (normal usage)

2. Internet Access inside the OT network and no data usages in IT-Network

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Therefore you have to make changes in the system settings. See …

Explanation of terms:

Information Technology (IT): IT encompasses the control, processing, saving, and backup of data, including the hardware and software used for this purpose.

Inside SICON.OS the network has a base configuration as DHCP Client. It can connect directly to a network with DHCP Server and receives an IP-address

Operational Technology (OT): Operational Technology (OT) refers to hardware and software required for the control, regulation, monitoring and control of machines, systems and processes.

Inside SICON.OS it is in the base configuration on 192.168.77.x. The SICON.OS Dashboard can be accessed via or via DNS-name. This network must be adapted to the machine network.

Industrial Information Technology (IIT): This functions as a link between the IT and OT areas. It helps with the acquisition of data from the OT area, and its transport to IT. This data is not directly related to machine and system control, but is vital for process control and optimization, e.g., Quality monitoring/Evaluation, logistics, and material flow.

This network is an option based on the hardware. With the SICON.OS P10 Hardware it can be also held a WLAN Access point. This WLAN Access point has a DHCP-Server and distribute IP-Address to the connected devices on 192.168.74.x. The SICON.OS Dashboard can be accessed via or via DNS-name

If the cabled network is used, there is no DHCP Server. The SICON.OS Dashboard can be accessed via or via DNS-name.


SICON.SERVICE: Here you will get software updates, provision of device description files, connections to PIM systems and to additional Adapters, Connectors and Apps via SICON.Appstore

SICON.REMOTE for support of an expert from us. 

SICON.CONNECT for connection to IOT clouds. Therefore, you need to load a Connector from the SICON.Appstore

Each of these Services can be configured in the System management under ADMIN CONTROLS

These services are only accessible with an SICON.HUB contract, which will be charged on a monthly fee.

For SICON.HUB you need to adapt the firewall settings on your IT-network. SICON.OS needs to get an outgoing connection to destination * on TCP Port 443. For Remote Access we need additional port 1194 UDP to destination *


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