When developing and publishing an app for the SICON.OS plattform, you have to work through the different stages.

This is required to ensure that the app is fully compatible with SICON.OS and our guidelines.

The workflow also enables you to get the fastest possible feedback to see if your app is compatible or not.

The 4 phases of development

  1. Local development on your pc or laptop

  2. deployment of your docker container on your SICON.OS installation

  3. App can be published through a form, docker image can be uploaded

  4. Incremental publish of new versions to the SICON.OS App Store

Local development on your pc or laptop

You can locally set up your development environment and start consuming the REST and MQTT API for your app.

You can use the IP address or domain from your local SICON.OS installation to retrieve data.

You can obtain an api token for development through the system settings.

  1. Development local (laptop)

  2. Test locally (laptop)

  3. Create container and test on local installation

  4. Deployment Appstore