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Browsers, Resolutions and Devices

Browser Support

Type of supportIEEdgeFirefoxChromeSafari
Style Minimal (flex)1112+21+12+10.1+
Style Full (grid)1116+52+57+10.1+
Javascript (without compatibility layer)
Javascript (with compat)10+12+3.5+4+4+


App-space is without any taskbar, browser bar, or in-app headers.

ViewDevice ResolutionApp-SpaceBehavior
Laptop1900×1080minheight 1018

This resolution should fit all vertically limited content
Content like apps, devices, that are endlessly expandable without pagination do not count
right now, the only app that concerns that, is sVIEW



in vertical mode, most of the desktop/laptop views are possible, due to reduced horizontal space, some apps (sView) don't fit on one screen anymore
Retina Smartphone1125×2,436

Retina - which means double resolution but same screen space in most cases.

Non-Retina Smartphone480×800
everything mostly breaks down to one column

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