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Deployment on your own environment

For more autonomy, deploy your app in your customised Docker environment. Here's how:

  1. App Readiness: Confirm your app's readiness for deployment, verifying configurations, dependencies, and environment variables.

  2. Docker Setup: Ensure Docker is installed and configured on the intended deployment machine.

There are two scenarios where the app is deployed on your own environment

Deployment from the app developer

From the root of the project run the below two commands for your app to be deployed and running

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

Deployment from the user of app developed by another developer

Ensure that you have enough permission to access the docker image repository from the developer of the app.

In the terminal of your choice, run the below commands

docker pull <image_url>
docker run --name <container_name> -d <image_url>

image_url → URL of the docker image you received from the developer of the app

container_name → Give a name of your choice to your docker container

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