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Device Settings

Navigate to Device settings

Once you have opened the Home screen of the SICON.OS interface:

  1. On the navigation panel click on the Device management section.

  2. Under Device management, you will find the complete information table.

DM_Device setting_01.jpg

Complete information Table

On this view you see the devices which are connected to the SICON.OS. According to the connection, each device is viewed in a parent child hierarchy.

DM_Device setting_02.jpg


Click on Settings to view the Device Settings page.

DM_Device setting_03.jpg

The Device settings page has a sub header which has the following menus:

  1. Common

  2. Identification

  3. Process data

  4. Parameter

  5. Observation

  6. Diagnosis

  7. Events

  8. Generic Dashboard

These are explained below:

1. Common

On this page, basic device details can be configured.

DM_Device setting_common.jpg

On this page, you can find:

  • Configuration

You can configure the connected device settings by filling the following information for example: give Custom name, location-Tag, Location-Pos, Asset-ID, Device status, Device visibility and User responsibility. Click on Save button to save the configuration.

Click on Delete Device to delete the device.

  • Module information

Here you can see the device information like Vendor name, Product name, description, device ID, check if any update is available, upload new Firmware.

  • Get the information about SDD.

  • Click on Blink to identify the device.

  • You can scan to see the device information on their device or Click on Print or Download button to get the device information.

DM_Device setting_common02.jpg
2. Identification

Here you will find the detail information about the Device identification

3. Process Data

The processing of data is the alteration of raw data to usable data over a process. Here you will find the Process data In and Process data Out information.

4. Parameter

Here you can parameterize the device, writing parameters to device

5. Observation

Data from the observation of device can be seen here.

6. Diagnosis

Under Diagnosis, you will find the device data information to ensure it is working as it should be.

7. Events

Event is an action or occurrence that is identified by a SICON.OS and has significance for your devices. Under Events, you will have the access to the information like: Device statistics, Active events, inactive events.

8. Generic Dashboard
DM_Device setting_Generic dashboard.jpg

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