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➡️ If you don’t have a SICON.OS installation ready, you can follow the installation process guide to setup your SICON.OS

There are two options for login to the SICON.OS :

Option 1: Logging In with your username & password (without Two-Factor Authentication)

This is the first option where you need to Login (For already users) with your username & password.

Logging in without 2FA is a simpler but less secure method. You enter your username and password to access your SICON.OS account. This is the only layer of security.

After login, you will see the homepage. Welcome to SICON.OS dashboard.


Option 2: Logging In with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

When you choose two-factor authentication (2FA) as log in option, your account is additionally protected by requesting a confirmation code when you log in. Authentication verifies the user's identity so that you can only log in with your own password and code.

You can obtain the additional login code in an authentication app for your smartphone, such as the Google Authenticator App, Microsoft Authenticator App or Authy App.

Downloading one of these apps is mandatory for retrieving the code when logging in.

There are following two steps to set up the two-factor authentication (2FA):

  1. Create User

  2. User Login

1. Create new users

Users with ADMINISTRATOR rights can create new users on a SICON.OS installation. If you are an ADMINISTRATOR follow these instructions:

  1. Open “System Management” ⚙️ in SICON.OS.

  2. Open the “Users” tab.

Users page.png
  1. Click on the “New User” button. Fill the following details like:

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. Email address

    4. Username

    5. Role: Assign a User Role i.e Operator

Users Role page.png
  1. Click on “Save”.

  2. When a USER is first created, they will have an orange label FORCE CHANGE PASSWORD. After logging in with their temporary password (received via email), entering a new password, and setting up 2FA, they will have a green label CONFIRMED.

Users Role page_02.png

2. User Login

  1. Receive an e-mail: A newly created user will receive an e-mail to the address entered by the administrator during user creation. This email contain the user’s temporary password and username. Click on LOGIN TO YOUR SICON.OS button to navigate to the SICON.OS page.

  1. Now after landing on the SICON.OS page, click on “Login” button to login to SICON.OS

  1. Sign In Process:

    • You will now see the 2FA Sign In Page, enter your Username and Password.

For first-time login, users must enter their newly “Temporary Password”.

  1. If this is your first time logging-in, then you will be asked to enter a “New password”.

Change password.png
  1. Click on “Send” to save the password. This will be your password for future login.

Change password_02.png
  1. If you have not already setup 2FA, then you will now be asked to do so. Follow the steps to set up your Authenticator app:

Step 1: Install an authenticator app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Scan the QR code with your authentication app. Alternatively, you can manually enter a secret key in your authenticator app.

Step 3: Enter a code from your authenticator app and the device name (optional). Click on “Sign in”.

2FA app.png
  1. Once you have successfully entered your access data, you are logged in to SICON.OS and can work with it as usual.


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