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Navigate to Users section

Once you have opened the Home screen of the SICON.OS interface:

On the navigation panel click on Settings to open the System management section.

Users section is divided into two subsections:

  1. USERS

  2. ROLES


Let’s understand these one-by-one.


Here you can manage the Users, add a new Users, modify the existing users or delete the users.

For development purposes you can copy the JWT Token for using the REST API.


If you want to add a new User, Click on New User. Fill the information required to create the New User and assign a role.



Under Role Description you can see which roles has been assigned to which users.


Please note the below privileges and their description.



App Store Write

Allowed to buy new apps and edit installed apps settings.

App Store Read

Only allowed to see the installed apps and apps available in the store.

System Management Read

Allowed to only view the system management settings.

System Management Write

Allowed to change system settings under System Management. (App Store and My Apps pages are controlled by App Store related privileges)

Device Management Read

Allowed to view devices and their corresponding details and configuration under device management. Also allows to view detailed dashboard for connected devices under Devices Dashboard.

Overview read

Allows to read the overview of devices on the Devices Dashboard.

Devices data Read

Allows to read all the data related to Device

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