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How to Create a App by Third Partys

SICON.OS API allows developers to create custom applications and integrate them into the Edge Software Ecosystem. This offers a wide range of possibilities for extending the functionality of the software and tailoring it to specific needs.

Developers can refer to the Developers Guide for comprehensive information on utilizing the SICON.OS API. The guide provides detailed documentation, tutorials, and examples to help developers understand the API's capabilities and how to effectively use it to create their own applications.

By leveraging the SICON.OS API, developers can build custom features, automate tasks, integrate third-party services, and enhance the overall functionality and usability of Edge Software.

Whether it's developing new tools for data analysis, creating interactive dashboards, implementing machine learning algorithms, or integrating with external systems, the SICON.OS API provides the flexibility and extensibility needed to bring innovative ideas to life within the Edge Software environment.

How To develop a App/Connector (


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