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Reporting & Notification

Get Information from your devices without the need to switch between multiple applications. Integration into your mail system, MS Teams, Slack or in your Browser

🛠️ Introducing Reporting & Notification: Your Industrial Edge Gateway Connection Hub to Email, Teams, and Slack! 📨📊📲

Tired of managing your industrial device communications through scattered channels? Streamline your operations with our cutting-edge solution, Reporting & Notification!

🔗 Seamless Connectivity: Effortlessly link your industrial devices to your preferred communication platforms – Email, Teams, and Slack. Bid farewell to communication silos and embrace unified collaboration across your entire team.

📈 Real-Time Insights: Gain immediate visibility into the status and performance of your industrial devices. Receive instant notifications directly on your chosen platform, ensuring you're always informed and ready to act.

🔔 Tailored Alerts: Customize notifications to match your unique requirements. Whether it's critical alerts or routine updates, tailor the information flow to align with your operational needs and priorities.

🌐 Anywhere Accessibility: Access vital information anytime, anywhere. Whether you're on the factory floor, in the boardroom, or on the move, our app ensures you're connected and informed – enabling swift decision-making regardless of your location.

⚙️ Simple Integration: Experience hassle-free integration with our intuitive interface. No complex configurations or technical expertise required – connect, configure, and start receiving updates seamlessly.

Enhance your industrial device management with Reporting & Notification. Experience unified communication, real-time reporting, and unparalleled efficiency. Take charge of your operations with ease – try it now!

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