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SICON.HW P10 [70-21-1010]


  • Product SICON.HW P10 Article number 70-21-1010 SICON.OS P10 - SICON.ECO

  • 24V / 2000mA Power supply

  • IT-Network with IP-Adress

  • OT-Network with IP-Adress

  • At least one Network with access to internet (IT, IIT or OT)

Product structure


1 = not in use

2 = USB Connection for Setup

3 = IT-Network

4 = IIT-Network

5 = OT-Network

6 = Status-LED

7 = Power switch

8 = Not in use

9 = Power connection


1 = LED for Data Access (orange)

2 = Power LED (Green)


Connect the Power connector to 24V DC / 2000mA. Please pay attention to the correct polarity

Connect the SICON.HW P10

1. Connect the SICON.HW P10 to the IT-Network

The IT-Network Port is as DHCP -Port configured. You can change this later after the setup. If you do not have a Network with a DHCP-Server on it, please connect via IIT-Port

  1. Connect the SICON.HW P10 to the IIT-Network

The IIoT-Network port has a fixed IP-Address If you are using this port for setup, please make sure to configure your network to a matching IP-Address

  1. Connect the SICON.HW P10 to the OT-Network

The OT-Network port has a fixed IP-Address Please connect this port to your machine. After Setup you can change the OT-Address in the System Management

  1. Connect the Power supply

Connect the 24V DC to the Power connector. Please use at least a 2000mA Power supply and pay attention to the correct polarity.

If you need more Information about Network structure and Firewall settings, please refer to

Start up the SICON.HW P10

Push the power button on the SICON.HW P10. After a short time you will see the power LED (green) is on and you will hear a beep. Please wait for 2 Minutes. During the first boot up SICON.HW P10 is starting up and is connecting to your Network

Connect to the Frontend for SETUP

You have 3 possibilities to reach the frontend:

  1. UPNP (Universal Plug and Play)

If your operating system can recognize UPNP-Devices, you will find this on you Network settings under Multimedia-Devices. By clicking on this Icon, you will be forwarded to your web browser and to the Setup-Page.

  1. Hostname

Open a web browser and navigate to the hostname provided on the sticker that is present on the backside of the P10 box

  1. IP-Address

Type the IP-Address of your SICON.HW P10 into a web browser. You can either Scan your Network or the IP address can be provided by your IT network administrator.


Start with the Setup

After connecting to the SICON.HW P10 you will see this start page in your web browser. Follow General setup guide for the SICON.OS Installation


For quick process of how to get started follow General setup guide.

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