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Requirements for Virtual Appliance installation


SICON.OS VA is operated on the customer's hardware as a Virtual Machine.
The licensee (customer) buys or rents software and runs it under his own responsibility in his own data center (On Premises). It is also possible for the customer to operate the software on rented servers of a third-party data center.


There are some specific parameters necessary for optimal performance and compatibility of the virtual appliance with your chosen virtualization platform and hardware infrastructure. Adhering to these requirements ensures smooth deployment and efficient operation of the system.

1. Supported Virtualization Platforms

Ensure compatibility with your virtualization platform by reviewing the virtual appliance requirements given below.

  • VMware ESXI, Workstation or Player

  • Microsoft Hyper V

  • Oracle VirtualBox

2. Minimum Hardware specifications

Below are the minimum hardware specifications necessary to run the virtual appliance efficiently in your virtualized environment, ensuring optimal performance and stability.

  • RAM: 16 GB

  • Disk space: 40 GB

  • CPU cores: 4

Virtual Appliances Network settings

SICON.OS Edge Software is the link between the shop floor [OT] and the office [IT] network. This requires 2 separate networks.

  • The IT-Networks is configured as DHCP Client.

  • The OT-Network has a fixed IP-Address ( as preconfigured.

We recommend the use of NAT and Bridged under VMware and Virtualbox, internal and external networks under Hyper-V.

However, this may differ for your usecase and can be configured by your IT department.

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