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Operating instruction



The product information is originally written in German. Please retain a copy of this document for future reference. Subject to technical modifications without prior notice. No liability is assumed for printing or any other errors.

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This document is protected by copyright. GPS GmbH retains the rights established therein. Reproduction of the contents, whether in full or in part, is only permissible within the boundaries of the legal provisions of copyright law. Any alterations to or abbreviations of the document are strictly prohibited without explicit written consent from GPS GmbH.

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Important Information

1.1 The technical documentation is a part of the product.

  1. Keep the technical documentation near the product for easy access and follow the instructions carefully.

  2. Share the technical documentation with subsequent users.


  • Not adhering to the instructions mentioned in the operating manual may result in life-threatening injuries!

  • GPS bears no liability for damages or malfunctions resulting from non-compliance with these instructions.

If you have any queries about the technical documentation, please contact us at:

1.2 Note on Using these Operating Instructions

This operating manual includes important details and guidance for various stages of the product's operation:

  1. Transport, storage, start of operations and decommissioning.

  2. Safe operation, necessary maintenance, and troubleshooting.

The manual describes the product as provided by Schmalz at the time of delivery. Images are for reference only and may vary based on specific product configurations.

Fundamental Safety Instructions

1. Intended Use

The SICON.PLUG AI VAG is designed for accurately simulating pressure profiles in vacuum systems. It is utilized for training, educational purposes, or gaining a deeper understanding of vacuum system dynamics.
It tracks filter condition, warns of potential failures, predicts replacement timing, records pump hours and energy use. Integrated AI offers usage tips for system optimization and longevity.

The SICON.PLUG AI VAG is built using the latest technology standards and is shipped securely and safely. However, hazards may occur during operation.

2. Non-Intended Use

GPS GmbH bears no liability for direct or indirect losses or damages occurs from the use of the product. This disclaimer applies specifically to any use of the product that deviates from its intended purpose or is not described in this documentation.

3. Personnel Qualifications

Unqualified individuals may overlook hazards, which may lead to increased risks!

  1. Electrical work and installations may only be handled by qualified electricians.

  2. Assembly and adjustment work may only be performed by qualified individuals.

These operating instructions are intended for skilled technicians who are expertise in product handling and installation.

4. Warnings in This Document

Warnings alert about potential hazards during product handling. The signal word signifies the level of danger.

Signal word



High-risk hazard that could cause death or serious injury if not avoided.


Moderate-risk hazard that could cause death or serious injury if not avoided.


Low-risk hazard that could cause minor or moderate injury if not avoided.


Danger that may result in property damage.

5. Environmental and Operating Conditions

The SICON.PLUG AI VAG must be operated only under the following conditions:

  • Temperature range from 0 °C to + 50 °C.

  • Maximum relative humidity 90%, non-condensing.

Avoid list: The product must not be operated under the following conditions:

  • Operating the product in an explosive environment may lead to an explosion.

In case of doubt, please consult GPS before operation.

6. Technical Condition:

Operating the product while in a defective state may impaired the safety and functionality.

  • The product must be operated when in perfect technical condition, i.e., its original state

  • Maintenance plan must be followed.

  • If there are changes in the operating behavior, immediately examine the device for faults and address them accordingly.

If the fault cannot be immediately addressed, switch off the device and label it as defective.

  • Any alterations or modifications which are unauthorized, are prohibited.

  • Do not make any modifications to the software.

7. Operator Responsibilities Regarding Country-Specific Regulations:

Adhere to country-specific regulations concerning accident prevention, safety testing, and environmental protection.

Product safety note

Please read the following information carefully. The manufacturer accepts no liability due to improper use of the product.

  • Keep the product out of the reach of children.

  • Please avoid cleaning the product with excessive use of water.

  • Please protect the open ports of the product from water, dust and dirt entrance by appropriate mounting or dust caps.

  • Protect the vacuum connections of the product from over pressure.

  • The operating voltage must not exceed the maximum values specified in these operating instructions.

  • Observe the maximum values of the potential-free contacts, if you use them.


Congratulations, with the purchase of the SICON.PLUG AI VAG, nothing stands in the way of your vacuum filter being connected to the IOT. A transparent process, detailed analysis and predictive maintenance are just some of the benefits that make this product so innovative.

Within minutes, your SICON.PLUG AI VAG is up and running and ready to provide you with real added value.

Advantages of your SICON.PLUG AI VAG


  • No additional power supply required as the SICON.PLUG AI VAG can be supplied directly with 24V industrial standard.

  • Network connection via 10 MBIT/s Ethernet or WLAN according to IEEE802.11b/g/n possible.

  • High-speed transmission of measured data through modern scalable protocols.

  • Easy discrete communication with a PLC or instant control of alarms and signaling devices through two dry contacts.

Industry 4.0 Ready

  • Relaxed secure global access to your data by transferring it to the cloud.

  • Intelligent user management ensures that each department sees the data that is important to them.

  • Simple commissioning via an app.

  • Easy configuration of parameters via an internet browser.


  • Direct evaluation of your measured data and display via status LEDs using an innovative color concept.

  • Predictive maintenance through sophisticated algorithms.

  • Messages and notes provide information on where there is still potential for improvement in your vacuum process.

  • The revolutionary replay function freezes your process. This allows errors and optimization attempts on the process to be analyzed and tested in detail.

  • The built-in collision detection generates an error message as soon as, for example, an industrial truck collides with your vacuum system or a rough use has damaged it. This allows you to detect defective or critical machine conditions before they occur.

Structure of your SICON.PLUG AI VAG

1.1 Front panel controls

  1. Power LED indicates whether 24V operating voltage is present at the SICON.PLUG AI VAG. If this is the case, the LED lights up green.

  2. Reset button this allows simple settings to be made directly on the device.

  3. Status bar with one glance always immediately in view of the status of the machine and the SICON.PLUG AI VAG.

  4. NFC interface is not supported in the current version.

1.2 Controls on the upper side

  1. Vacuum input before the filter this connection is connected to the system between the vacuum generator and the vacuum filter. The labeling of the connection can also be found on the product label on the back of the plug.

  2. Vacuum input after the filter this connection is connected to the system between the vacuum filter and the gripper. The labeling of the connection can also be found on the product label on the back of the plug.

  3. WLAN antenna for wireless connection to the company network.

1.3 Controls on the bottom side

  1. 5-pin M12x1 plug connection for the supply of the operating voltage and the contact pins of the potential-free contacts.

  2. RJ45 Ethernet socket for connecting the SICON.PLUG AI VAG to the company network.

1.4 Status bar

The status bar on the front of the SICON.PLUG AI VAG provides information about the current connections. In addition, the current machine status is visualized directly on the device.










Connection via WLAN




Connection via WLAN




Connection to IOT platform




No connection to the IOT platform




Machine status L0




Machine status L1




Machine status L2




Machine status L3




Vacuum sensors are not calibrated




No filter reference value stored in the device




The push button of the SICON.PLUG AI VAG is pressed




SICON.PLUG AI VAG is reset to the factory settings




Teaching of the reference vacuum value was successful




Teaching of the reference vacuum value was not successful




SICON.PLUG AI VAG is ready for registration




The device's flashing option was selected for identification

1.5 Reset Button

The button can be used to reset the SICON.PLUG AI VAG to its factory settings. The button can be locked via the software so that you do not have to worry about unintentional operation.

Attention! If you lock the button and no longer have access to the device via the software, resetting the device is no longer possible!






SICON.PLUG AI VAG is reset to the factory settings



Locks the Fast Lane button so that it no longer functions.

1.6 NFC interface

The NFC interface is not available in the current version.

1.7 Gyroscope and accelerometer

The SICON.PLUG AI VAG has a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. These can be used to measure and display crashes or vibrations that stress the system. The alignment of the sensors is shown in the image below.


Please follow the instructions for commissioning the device listed here exactly. Damaged devices due to improper commissioning or an unsuitable installation location will not be reimbursed. GPS Stuttgart GmbH accepts no liability for any damage to property or personal injury resulting from improper use of the device.

1.8 IT security and port sharing

In order for the plug to communicate with its data broker, it needs the shares listed below within its network. Please ask your IT department to assign these port shares to you. Operation without these shares is not possible. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact a member of GPS Stuttgart GmbH.




OnCloud mode (plug sends data to the cloud)







OnSide mode (plug sends data to hardware within the network)







1.9 Mounting location

In principle, the SICON.PLUG AI VAG can be installed anywhere in your production or logistics environment. It is recommended to mount the SICON.PLUG AI VAG in such a way that impacts against the rubber buffers of the system can be detected. Please ensure that the crane system is not damaged or its load-bearing capacity impaired during installation. When mounted in the immediate vicinity, vibration from the pump can be recorded. The maximum recordable vibration here is 25Hz. However, light impacts against the system can no longer be reliably detected by the motor vibrations.

Please observe the following notes when selecting your installation location:

  • Do not install the SICON.PLUG AI VAG in wet environments.

  • Protect the device from high mechanical stress.

  • Keep the SICON.PLUG AI VAG away from objects that generate a lot of heat.

  • Make sure that the mounting location does not have any pronounced magnetic fields, if possible.

1.10 Mounting

For the recommended mounting on the support of the vacuum system, you need two M3 cylinder head screws with hexagon socket and matching washers. First drill two D=2.5mm core holes with a borehole spacing of 80mm at the desired mounting location. Now cut an M3 thread into the two holes. You can then use the two M3 screws to screw the SICON.PLUG AI VAG to the support via the slotted holes. The orientation of the SICON.PLUG AI VAG is freely selectable, although the variant shown above is recommended.

1.11 Hosing

For the pneumatic installation, you will need approved pneumatic hoses with an outer diameter of 6 mm and pneumatic fittings as required to connect your existing vacuum system to the SICON.PLUG AI VAG.

First switch off your vacuum system and make sure that the system is pressure-free. Then connect the left pneumatic connection of the SICON.PLUG AI VAG to the vacuum system between the vacuum generator and the vacuum filter. Then connect the right connection to the vacuum system between the vacuum filter and the actuator.

This work should only be carried out by a specialist with sufficient knowledge of pneumatics.

1.12 Electrical connection

Work with electrical current should always be carried out by skilled personnel with the necessary training. Please get help if you do not have such training.

The SICON.PLUG AI VAG is supplied with 24 V operating voltage. Please refer to the table below for the corresponding pins.

The two potential-free contacts are based on semiconductor technology, so no mechanical wear stands in the way of an application with many switching cycles. The respective signal branch is switched against the shared pin 5. This can be connected with a voltage up to 30 V or to ground.

The maximum current must not exceed 750 mA!

Voltage type




Operating voltage

19,2 V

24 V

28,8 V

Switching voltage (DC) potential-free contacts

0 V

24 V

30 V


Contact number


Core color standard actuator cable


+24 V



Switch contact 1



-0 V



Switch contact 2



according to connection

Grey or Green

Important functions

1.13 Resetting SICON.PLUG AI VAG to factory settings

There are two ways to reset the SICON.PLUG AI VAG to its factory settings.

Press and hold the Reset button. This will cause the status bar to light up yellow. After approx. 8 seconds, it will start to flash. After a total of 12 seconds, the status bar goes out. When the button is released, the SICON.PLUG AI VAG is now reset to its factory settings. If the reset is successful, the status bar pulses blue after a short wait.

The SICON.PLUG AI VAG can also be reset very conveniently with the SICON.OS software. To do this, go to the Assets program. Then go to the Settings of the device to be reset and to the PARAMETERS tab. Here you will find the button restore device parameters to factory defaults. Click on it. The status bar on the SICON.PLUG now disappears completely. After a few seconds, it pulses blue. The SICON.PLUG AI VAG is now reset to its factory defaults.

1.14 Calibration of the vacuum sensors

The vacuum sensors of the SICON.PLUG AI VAG must be calibrated during initial start-up. This status is indicated by a red flashing LED 3. Calibration is performed via the SICON.OS software.

Make sure that no pressure, neither over pressure nor under pressure, is applied to the sensors during the calibration process.

Calibration can be carried out at any time via the software when no pressure is applied. To do this, go to the Assets program. Then go to the Settings of the device to be calibrated and click on the PARAMETERS tab. Click on the Calibrate Vacuum Sensors button. A successful calibration is visualized by the green illumination of the entire status bar. If calibration fails, the status bar lights up red.

1.15 Storing a filter reference value in SICON.PLUG AI VAG

For analyses of the filter and the entire vacuum system, it is necessary to store a reference vacuum value in the SICON.PLUG AI VAG. A missing reference value is indicated by the yellow flashing of LED 3.

Switch on your vacuum generator and ensure that your system can freely draw in air. Now you can store a reference value.

Attention! This function is always available, please make sure that you do not enter incorrect values.

Via the SICON.OS software you can make the referencing via the Assets program. Click on the settings of the selected device. Now you can store a value by clicking on the button Teach in a reference vacuum value which you can find in PARAMETER.

1.16 Lock reset button

If you want to lock the reset button against unauthorized access or accidental operation, you can do this via the SICON.OS software. To do this, go to the Settings of the device to be locked in the Assets program and to the PARAMETERS tab. Select Lock push button in the dropdown list of index 12 and save the settings by clicking on the save icon.

1.17 Machine condition level

A deviation of your desired process data can be set via the machine condition level. The normal values of your process should be in the middle of the graphic shown below (green area). If your actual value drifts into another range, an event is generated and the LED3 of the PLUG changes color accordingly. The switching thresholds to another level can be set via the SICON.OS software. To do this, go to the PARAMETERS tab in the Assets program. Here you will find all switching thresholds that can be changed in the PLUG.

Tips and help

1.18 Technical data

Technical data


GPS GmbH Stuttgart

Operating voltage


Rated current



90mm x 85mm x 30mm



LAN interface


WLAN interface

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2,4GHz

1.19 CE conformity and disposal of old equipment

The manufacturer GPS Stuttgart GmbH confirms that the SICON.PLUG AI VAG product described in these operating instructions complies with the following relevant EC directives:

The following harmonized standards have been applied:

EN 61000-4-2: 2009   Electromagnetic compatibility - Static electricity discharge

EN 61000-4-3: 2006   Electromagnetic compatibility - High frequency electromagnetic fields

Please dispose of the product properly after replacement or decommissioning in accordance with the country-specific guidelines and legal obligations for waste prevention.






Steel galvanized


Mixed material plastic metal

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