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How to use SICON Nodes

Description of SICON Nodes

SICON.OS Config node is the starting point of configuration to access data from your SICON.OS. Configure the config node to connect to your current SICON.OS or a remote installation.

SICON.OS Device node extracts the information of devices connected to SICON.OS. Device node has an incoming connection with Config node to get the list of devices and then a particular device can be selected from the device node to get static or cyclic data of that device.

How to configure and use SICON Nodes

  1. Navigate to the installed NODE App from your SICON.OS Dashboard. If the app is not yet installed then please follow the installation instructions.

  2. Once the NODE App is loaded, drag and drop the SICON.OS Config node from side menu into the flow.

  3. Double click on the Config node from your flow and a dialog will appear to further configure. By default the connection setting is selected to internal i.e. your current SICON.OS installation. You can also set it to external and then you need to provide the url or IP Address of the installation you would like to connect to and also the API key from that installation (Guide to get API key). Click on Done to save the configuration.



  4. Now drag and drop the SICON Device node to the same flow and connect the input of Device node with the output of Config Node

  5. Click on Deploy from the top right corner of your screen so that the Config and Device node can synchronize data.

  6. Once deployed, double click on the Device node, a device node dialog will open to further select the device and corresponding data options.

    1. You can select a device based upon UID, Custom Name, Short-Code or Location

    2. Once the device is selected, a function need to be selected from the available options. For eg. Cyclic data → ProcessData In

    3. The name of the node can also be changed

  7. Now click on done and you will see that the node name is changed. Click on Deploy (Refer to step 5)

  8. Now you can connect a debug node to the output of device node to see data or use a function node to further process the data and feed the data to other nodes.

A Sample flow is always loaded when you install the NODE App

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