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SICON.OS VA on VMware Workstation


Deploying SICON.OS on VMware workstation involves importing the virtual appliance within your VMware workstation environment. This process ensures compatibility and allows for efficient utilization of VMware's virtualization features to support SICON.OS functionalities.

Setting up SICON.OS on VMware workstation

Please follow the step-by step guide for setting up the SICON.OS on VMware workstation:

1. System Requirements:

Before downloading the VMware Workstation and SICON.OS Virtual Appliance, please review the system requirements to ensure compatibility with your existing infrastructure. This information typically includes details such as minimum hardware specifications and supported virtualization platforms.

2. Download the VMware Workstation

Download the VMware Workstation and follow the Installation guide.

If you have installed VirtualBox for the first time, then please reboot your Windows before proceeding further.

3. Download the SICON.OS VA file

Visit our SICON shop website where the software is made available for download or purchase. Please follow the below steps to download the SICON.OS VA:

  • After buying the SICON.OS VA from our shop, go to the Mein Konto and click on DOWNLOADS or click here to navigate to the download page directly.

3.1. Initiate Download:

Click on the SICON.OS VA button to start downloading your SICON.OS VA file. Depending on the size of the file and your internet connection speed, this may take some time.


Once the download is completed, verify the integrity of the downloaded file to ensure it has been successfully downloaded without any errors or corruption.

4. Deploy the SICON.OS VA file into VMware

4.1. Importing the SICON.OS VA into VMware Workstation

There are two options to import the SICON.OS VA into VMware Workstation Player:

Option 1. Import of the SICON.OS VA file from your system

  • Select the downloaded SICON.OS VA file and double click to open it into VMware Workstation Player.

Option 2. Import the SICON.OS VA file from VMware Workstation Player

Few steps that you need to follow are:

  • Open the VMware Workstation Player and click on PLAYER

  • Click on FILE and then click on OPEN to select the downloadable file (SICON.OS VA)

  • Select the file from downloads and click on OPEN.

4.2. Common steps for both the above import options:

  • After opening the selected SICON.OS VA file, you will see a prompt message to change the name of the Virtual Machine (which is Optional) and then click on IMPORT.

  • Once you click on Import, SICON.OS VA will start importing into the VMware Workstation.

  • After SICON.OS VA is imported, you will see the following Page. Here you can configure the SETTINGS of your virtual machine.


Please configure the Memory and Processors to fit your needs and as per the minimal requirements for SICON.OS VA

5. Network settings for deploying SICON.OS VA into VMware workstation


  • We recommend to use NAT or Bridged Network in VMware workstation.

  • Don't forget to set the correct IP-Addresses in the SICON.OS after installation (Network settings)

  • Please see the Network concept.

  • The first Network is always the IT-Network and has to be configured for Internet reachable. Therefore you can use NAT to get access over the Software-Router to your Host machine.

  • The OT-Network is the second Network Adapter. We recommend to bridge directly the OT physical Network from the Host to the Virtual machine.

  • After configuration of the virtual machine you can start SICON.OS

  • Use the highlighted Web interface address or the IT-IP address to open the SICON.OS in browser


VMware workstation Shutdown - use CRTL+ALT+DEL

Properly shutting down a virtual machine involves closing all running applications, saving your work, and ensure data integrity and system stability. On the top bar menu, you will find the ‘Shutdown icon’ or use the shortcut key - CRTL+ALT+DEL

VMware shutdown image.png

6. Next step

Your next step would be the setup of SICON.OS

General Setup guide for SICON.OS

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